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Welcome to Clara Robinson PA, Property Management! If you are looking to lease a property in the greater City of Miami, Ft.Lauderdale, Detroit or Cleveland areas, we have you covered. Take a moment to browse through the current properties that are available, and give us a call. One of our professional team members can help you find just the right property to meet your needs!

**RENTERS REQUIREMENT ** Private Renters and SEC 8 Renters are Welcome! However, all Private Renters and Renters with a partial Section 8 voucher are required to be approved for Rent Coverage Insurance + Sec. Deposit replacement. Any Section 8 Renter with a 100% voucher isn't required to obtain this insurance. This insurace; doesn't protect the tenant; doesn't eliminate "any" tenant's financial responsibility; doesn't delay or stop the eviction process. The LEASE insurance is a fast aproval process and costs 30%-100% of one month's rent depending on the tenant's credit.

CREDIT REQUIRED*  For ALL private tenants is minimum 600; if your credit is below 600 you will require a Co-Signer.




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